20th Annual Kelly Country Pick – 2018

PRE – FESTIVAL MUSIC CAMP – Monday 13th – Friday 17th

FESTIVAL WEEKEND – Friday 17th August – Sunday 19th August

Yes, you have read this correctly next year our Twentieth will run for a WEEK. We plan to have some childrens classes early in the week , some Adult tuition and Lots of sitting around and JAMMING.

The concerts will run over the weekend as normal, so plan ahead and come join us for a week of fun.


Negotiation are underway for next years guests , I will let you know when I know, I have had many suggestions.

A big thank you to the Volunteers for 2017 and especially thank you to all of you who attended and also for the increased numbers of you who made use of our online ticket purchase. This made the running of the event so much easier.

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Note : Credit card and Eftpos facilites are available for tickets and CD sales at the festival


William Louis

Best wishes,

Peter Hisco