2011 Camp Tutors

Kevin Parsell – Guitar

Kevin will be back at camp by popular demand and I’m not surprised! Kevin plays guitar for Appalachian Heaven and is a well known participant at all the Victorian bluegrass events. He is one of the most generous performers and tutors you will ever come across. He is well loved by many who have sought his help on their instruments for his unfailing positive encouragement and support.

Mick Moffitt– Mandolin and Fiddle

This year our master fiddler and mandolinist is Mick Moffat from Bathurst, NSW. Mick is one of Australia’s finest fiddle/mandolin players and has a wealth of experience to share. He was heavily involved in the early Bluegrass days in Tamworth with the likes of the McCormack bros and Trev Warner and  and ran the Bluegrass Breakfast for many years. Mick has devised a strap system for fiddlers to help hold the fiddle in place while practising and he has been building mandolins for a few years too.

Wendy Holman – Bluegrass and Clawhammer Banjo

Wendy is a professional music teacher – and she knows her stuff!! She teaches banjo and guitar on the Sunshine Coast and runs ‘Fingerstyle Productions’ – a fabulous resource for banjo pickers and guitarists alike. We are very fortunate to have her coming to teach at our camp this year!!

Mark Wardle – Multi-instrumental – Double Bass, BG Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin

We are excited to have Mark Wardle, from Geelong based High and Lonesome on board for camp this year!! Mark  is president of the Geelong Folk Club and is highly active in the local music community. He will be able to offer his insight into techniques on playing a number of instruments but in particular we are going to put him to work on the BG banjo and the Double Bass. Mark is also going to co-ordinate a camp band scramble, so look out – that is sure to be lots of fun!

Peter Hisco – Multi-instrumental – Fiddle, Double Bass, Mandolin, Clawhammer Banjo, Harmony vocals

Festival director, Peter Hisco will be floating around and helping in lots of areas of course, but in particular he’ll be working with the fiddler’s and the double bass students. He’s just been studying bluegrass fiddle in Tennessee and soaking up old timey fiddle in North Carolina so he’s keen! His fabulous harmony vocal skills will be put to use in the vocal sessions too!

Wendy Jackson – Harmony Vocals, Guitar

Wendy is the camp co-ordinator and will be running the vocal sessions with the help of Peter and other tutors. She has also just come back from a week of guitar study at the Kaufman camp in Tennesse and will be sharing some of her insights and ideas both in and out of classes.


Pete Denahy – Fiddle, Guitar

Pete is a local Indigo Shire based musician who will be adding his talents to the fiddle classes. Pete is a full time solo, performing/ recording artist with a wealth of experience on fiddle, guitar, and songwriting. He won his first Golden Guitar award for songwriting this year, though he has been nominated many times.

Clawhammer Banjo/ Old-Time Fiddle – CraigWoodward (Flying Engine Stringband/ Headbelly Buzzard)

We’re very pleased to have Craig back on board with us for our 2nd camp. There is probably not a more experienced old time musician in the country. He is a full time musician, tutors in old timey banjo and fiddle and runs a weekly old timey jam which is always well attended. Craig’s old time jam session at the Yarra Junction Fiddler’s Convention is the stuff of legends. Look out for his all night sessions at the weekend!